About Us


eMedAsia is managed and run by EmedAsia Sdn Bhd, a joint venture entity between Koop MMA and HS Bio.

More about KOOP

KOOP MMA was established in 2017.

Koop MMA aspires to be a leading cooperative for all doctors in Malaysia.

It was an initiative by a group of doctors from the Malaysian Medical Association.

We are launching a pool procurement system soon to bring down the costs of medical supplies, starting with common drugs used by General Practitioners in their clinics and we would like to know how many GPs will need these services and benefit from it.

By purchasing medical supplies in bulk, in this case starting off with commonly used drugs and moving to medical devices and consummables later, we could help drive down our overheads and bring down the costs in a competitive market and win the war in these economic trying times to sustain ourselves.

KOOP MMA envisages to provide quality services and to ensure sustainable returns to our members anchored on core values of accountability, commitment, transparency, openess, networking, integrity and teamwork.

In KOOP MMA we have created an autonomous platform of doctors united voluntarily to meet their common aspirations in the business of medicine through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

More about HS Bio

HS Bio leads the digitalisation and empowerment of primary healthcare services in Malaysia.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to act as an authorised representative, distributor and importer of medical and healthcare products.

We procure and trade pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare supplies such as e-medicine, medical consumables, bio supplies, medical equipment or devices, test kits, vaccines, supplements, and other medical and healthcare-related products and services.

We deliver peerless support and unrivalled value to your business by working closely with our strategic partner MMAG Holdings Berhad and its subsidiary, Line Clear Express Logistics Sdn Bhd.

Our companies cater to your every healthcare need, tailored to your requirements.

HS Bio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Seng Consolidated Berhad a company listed on the Main Market of the Malaysian Stock Exchange under stock name “HONGSENG” and stock code 0041.